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Muizenberg & Kalk Bay Area Guide

Muizenberg & Kalk Bay Overview

Muizenberg was once an elegant seaside town, but became run down in the last decade or so. There has been a revival over the last few years though and now there are excellent areas along the sea front and beach front. There is some interesting old architecture on the main road through to Kalk Bay. The beach is popular with surfers.

Kalk Bay and St James are charming villages situated on the hill between Main Rd and Boyes Drive, overlooking False Bay. There are a number of delightful delicatessens, antique shops, shops selling bric a brac, restaurants, art and bookshops here.

Muizenberg & Kalk Bay Attractions

Muizenberg Beach is popular with swimmers and surfers. Further along at St James is a lovely tidal pool for those less adventurous. The lovely fishing village of Kalk Bay (a two minute drive from Muizenberg) is dotted with coffee shops, old antique and bric a brac stores and restaurants. Unmissable is Polana bar/restaurant in the Kalk Bay harbour, with its windows that open right out onto the sea.

Muizenberg & Kalk Bay Accommodation

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Key Muizenberg & Kalk Bay Tourist Information

  • Rush Hour: 7 am to 8.30 am; 4.15 pm to 6 pm.
  • Drive time from Cape Town (not rush hour): 25 minutes
  • Drive time to/from Cape Town (rush hour):60 mins
  • Drive time to/from the Airport (non rush hour): 35 mins
  • Drive time to/from the Airport (rush hour): 75 mins
  • Public transport: Train.
  • Attractions: The Main Rd and shops, the views, the harbour and restaurants
  • Type of neighbourhood: Residential, ranging from top end to poor.

Crime & Safety in Muizenberg & Kalk Bay

  • Safe to visit.
  • Safe to drive to from Cape Town.
  • Safe to stay here.

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