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Cape Town Crime - Areas to Avoid

The words on every tourist's lips these days seems to be "Is Cape Town safe?"

So to alleviate any concerns about crime and safety in Cape Town that you may have, I've put together a Cape Town map that will show you which Cape Town areas to avoid as a tourist.

Why Are These Areas Unsafe?

These areas have a higher rate of crime, and are the areas that make the international news as “Cape Town – Crime Capital”. They are the poorer areas with socio-economic problems. From a tourism perspective, they hold little interest, and there’s no real reason any Cape Town visitor needs to go into these areas.

N2 Freeway

One thing I must note is that the drive from Cape Town airport to the city centre is on the N2 highway and is surrounded by unsafe areas that I wouldn’t venture into. Just stay on the N2 until you get to the decent suburbs and you will be fine. You can easily see which areas are potentially unsafe and to be avoided. They have shacks, squatter camps and council tenements on each side of the N2. You really can’t mistake them for the better areas.

How to Interpret the Map

I’ve marked Cape Town areas to avoid in blue on the map. This isn’t a hard and fast rule. In other words one can’t really draw a hard line on a map and say “OK, this side of the line is safe, and immediately on the other side is unsafe.”

Safe Cape Town areas do blend gradually from safe to less safe, so bear that in mind.

What I have done is pretty much made sure that I err on the safe side with the blue areas. So as long as you stay outside the blue areas, you will be fine.

View Unsafe Areas in Cape Town in a larger map

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Cape Town safety for tourists has become even more important to the authorities since the World Cup, and the number of police vehicles on patrol around and about Cape Town have increased quite noticeably since July 2010.

So although some areas of Cape Town that are dangerous, don't forget that there are also unsafe areas in most major cities in the world, where no tourist would think of venturing. These unsafe Cape Town areas to avoid are admittedly probably more dangerous than their western city counterparts. However, for the most part Cape Town is safe and the safe suburbs in Cape Town are honestly absolutely fine for visitors.

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