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Old Biscuit Mill Neighbour Goods Market

Old Biscuit Mill – In Brief

What: Biscuit Mill Organic Food Market.

Where: Old Biscuit Mill, Albert Rd, Woodstock, near the Salt River Circle

When: Saturday Mornings. 9am onwards.

The Old Bisuit Mill comes to life every Saturday morning with a delicious market selling organic, artisanal, seasonal, local food”.

After some serious planning ahead one night about a year ago, over a glass of wine on the veranda at the Vineyard Hotel as the sun set, I decided that I was well overdue for a visit to the Old Biscuit Mill’s Saturday morning neighbourgoods market in Woodstock. I dragged myself out of Hout Bay (I'm not a morning person) and got there at 10 am.

Parking at the Biscuit Mill Market

It was apparent from the Salt River Circle that the place was already going crazy. All of Cape Town seemed to be there already. Parking was a nightmare, until I cottoned on to the fact that most people get stuck cruising up and down Albert Street. Seems the idea is to head on up to Main Road, and then take one of the one ways DOWN towards the Biscuit Mill. I easily found some parking like this in Greatmore Street.

What you will find at the Biscuit Mill Market

Organic Local Vegetables

Organic Local Vegetables

The market is amazing. This is what I saw at the neighbourgoods market: Olives, tofu, vegetarian quiches, organic coffee, belgian waffles, greek food, different types of fancy mushrooms i’ve never seen anywhere else, organic vegetables, firm tofu (difficult to find elsewhere), goats cheeses, seeds, nuts, oils, dressings, honey, fish, meat, vegetables, fruit and much, much more.

Not that cheap, but yuppies know that doing something to sustain the world must come at a price, and by buying expensive stuff they must be “doing something constructive” right?

Shop with bizarre goods

Shop with bizarre goods

I loved the market. Although I’m still going to be quite clear about the fact that The Biscuit Mill complex is doing the “earth mother stuff is trendy” vibe these day. It’s no rough and ready farmer’s market. Tourist will love it.

But the fact that the market is punting local, sustainable, organic produce, and firmly encourages recycling is a good thing. If it takes “making it trendy” to get the world to follow suit, then go for it with my blessing.

Also in the Old Biscuit Mill complex are a bunch of shops, selling all sorts of weird stuff, from beads, to large wooden fish, to retro standing lamps, to art.
Get there early. As I said finding parking was a nightmare. I got there at 10 am. I reckon one should get there before 9 am, to find parking and to avoid the crowds.

The Biscuit Mill – Albert Road, Salt River/Woodstock. Close to the Salt River Circle.

Organic Wine for Sale - Old Biscuit Mill

Organic Wine for Sale - Old Biscuit Mill

Samoosas, Old Biscuit Mill

Samoosas, Old Biscuit Mill

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